“He is very nice and helpful with any and EVERYTHING!”

– Emily (10/10)

“He goes above & beyond…” 

– Arnold and Debbie (10/10) 

“Personable, putting customer comfort and focus as priority, willingness to help and offer guidance on things not just related to house sale, made it easy to sell remotely”

– Nitin (10/10)

“Attention to detail”

– Sid (10/10)


– Shelby (10/10)

“HE went out of his way to accomodate our needs, very personable.”

– Debby (9/10)

“He thinks about making things easy for his clients. He advises and builds a trusting relationship with his clients. He is meticulous.”

– Vikram (10/10)

“He was kind and consistent. Always had my best interest at heart.”

– Rhamel (8/10)

“His willingness to adapt.”

– Christian (10/10)

“He answered every question we had but didn’t try to sway us in any decision. He also return calls or text messages quickly.”

– Kathy (10/10)

“Intelligence and patience during my home search”

– Henry (9/10)

“Proactive and great communication”

– Doug (10/10)

“He is very nice. Always willing to help in any way he can. Very informative with texting and calling. Goes out of his way to make things work for us.”

– Emily (9/10)

“He was always honest and upfront. He kept in contact with us and always replied almost immediately if we tried to reach him.”

– Peggy (10/10)

“Very friendly and always open to ideas and discussion.”

– Prakash (8/10)

“Very ontop of everything, stayed connected with client”

– Emily (9/10)

“There’s nothing I didn’t like. He walked me thru every step. All the horrible things I had heard about realtors was abated!!”

– Mitzi (10/10)

“Always available and demonstrated a willingness to go over and beyond”

– Henry (8/10)

“He goes above and beyond for his clients and he makes you feel like and know that you matter”

– ML (10/10)

“Doug always kept it real with us, and he always persevered to help us find the best house for us. He refused to let us settle for less than we wanted and needed in our first home, and I so greatly appreciated that. I always felt that Doug truly cared about us as people and not just his paycheck. His sense of humor and willingness to educate us about all things real estate made the process so much smoother! I couldn’t have asked for a better realtor. He deserves all the praise he could possibly get.”

– Martha (10/10)

“I was certain he had my best interests in mind at all times”

– Dexter (10/10)

“Doug was INCREDIBLE! He went above & beyond for us from day one. My husband and I currently live in Marietta, Georgia and decided to relocate to Evansville. Doug was patient and determined to find us the perfect place (even though it took two contracts to get there). We ended up with a serious “fixer-upper” and Doug had us in touch with contractors within a week after going under contract. I can’t adequately put in words how happy we are with Doug’s services.”

– Sue (10/10)

“Availability and friendliness”

– Derek (9/10)

“His motive to help others. Doug made sure i was informed with everything. He also motivated me when things wasn’t going as plan” 

– Kendall (10/10) 

“Very engaged.”

– Jeff (8/10)

“What is there not to like”

– Logan (8/10)

“Knowledge, responsive and efficient”

– Beth (10/10)

“Everything. I will never buy a house from anyone else. He’s not only a realtor but a friend.”

– Harold (10/10)

“Very informative throughout the process”

– Andrew (10/10)

“How hard he worked with me and the buyer’s agent. He did an exceptional job. Worked to sell our property harder than any agent I hay worked with previous. Have recommended him to others that are looking to sell.”

– John (10/10)

“Doug went above and beyond to help get our house sold.”

– Tammy (10/10)

“Doug is very professional, ethical and insightful. He demonstrated a thorough understanding of the market and conveyed relevant information throughout the process in a patient and helpful way.”

– Jennifer (10/10)

“Personable, professional, competent, reliable”

– Michael (10/10)

“Doug showed that he was willing and ready to sell my home . He went above and beyond he immediately worked on getting my home on the market.”

– Delores (10/10)

“He was very nice and on top of things and made sure we understand everything that was going on.”

– Elizabeth (8/10)

“His willingness to go above and beyond. He was professional, conscientious and so very helpful through the entire process. Every question was answered and every issue addressed in a timely manner. He did his job with excellence!”

– Alan and Tracey (10/10)